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The last 30 days

This post title could be read two different ways.

The past month has been full of huge changes. Eric found out about halfway through December that he passed his professional engineering exam. There are no words to express how happy he was to find out that his unending studying and hermit lifestyle he experienced July through October actually paid off. If you need something engineered and stamped by a Colorado licensed engineer, call this guy. Another large step was packing up all of our belongings and storing them in the shed in our backyard. It feels good to purge the material items in life now and then, especially when you are living under the guise that they are a daily necessity. We were both pleased to find that everything fit into the shed with room to spare. Both Eric and I have put in our notices at work. I will be leaving on January 30th and Eric the following Friday, February 6th. On January 10th we handed over the keys for our house to the renters who will be (hopefully) caring for the property while we are gone. We walked them through the house, giving the same amount of specific info as if it was a babysitting gig rather than a lease. Lucky we have friends and family members who have agreed to step in while we are away and make sure the place isn’t falling apart. Since that first week in January, we have been living in Eric’s mom’s house, which we loving call our new basement apartment. Lucky Eric gets to spend his 30th birthday living in his parents’ house. That’s a memory that won’t be forgotten. But as ridiculous as living with your parents at this age sounds, they have been beyond generous with the situation and have been helping in all ways possible, whether that is constantly feeding us or helping install the solar panel on the car.

To flip this post around, we are looking at a very rough estimate of 30 days left in Durango. We will be in the states for a bit longer than that but the crunch time of final preparations has begun. The list is long but we are actively trying to avoid raising stress levels and being in a rush. Really, there is no agenda or specific timing to be terribly concerned about. This next month includes some events to look forward to before we head out. We will be celebrating Eric’s 30th birthday, meeting our brand new nephew Luke, and hanging out for another Durango Snowdown weekend. My brother will be visiting and picking up our 4runner to take back to San Diego for safe keeping during our time away. The daily tasks will continue to be purging and packing items that made the cut so far and getting the vehicle prepared, at least how we think it should be at this point.

A total of 10 days of work left for me and 15 for Eric and this dream will feel extremely real!

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