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A shoutout to our Seamstress. And a quick list.

After more than a week on the road within the States, we are convinced that all future upholstery and cushion design will be done by the one and only, Travis Palmer. Eric’s friend and previous co-worker Travis has honed his skills on his family’s industrial sewing machine and made our amazing couch/bed cushions. From the high quality foam recommendation to gifting us the material and creating the best bed and couch cushions we could have asked for, we are lucky folks. Thanks Travis for donating your time and skills. Give Jess and all the wild boys hugs from us!



In other news, here are a few pleasant surprises or lessons learned so far:

+ The fridge holds way more than we expected. More storage equals more cheap meals and snacks for Eric.

+ Once the bed is out, you cannot reach any storage. Plan accordingly.

+ We have way too much stuff. Looking forward to unloading in San Diego.

+ The Mr. Heater Little Buddy is the best option for safe heat inside when it is snowing and 20 degrees outside.

+ Having your own space goes a long way with a road trip partner. We've found it's healthy to create some distance. Even if it's just to the back of the car.

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