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Goodbye Colorado, Hello California

Eric and I keep looking at each other while driving and still cannot believe that we are on our way. We have had some wonderful visits with family and friends thus far and are just encouraged with how we have enjoyed the past week. Our first stop was Lubbock, TX to visit with Eric’s grandparents. Family members showed up for some BBQ and a send off. We spent the evening hearing family stories and the adventures of Grandpa and Grandma Nelson as they travelled around Germany.


In Denver we spent time with Eric’s oldest brother and his wife, Ben and Jen. We finally met our new nephew Lucas and got to see the little boy that Samuel is growing into. They are lovingly known as the badger and dirt monster and we got to experience prime examples of how the nicknames stuck. We went to our favorite Denver eatery, Osteria Marco, for a lunch date to get some of their famous burrata.


Heading north to Fort Collins is a little bit like going home. Your college town always holds a special place in your heart and brings back memories that you haven’t relived in a long time. Eric and I are both lucky to have experienced that great town together. Just as Denver was, Fort Collins was a place of continuous goodbyes and big hugs, but that just further shows the support and friendships that we are so thankful for.

We met Marie’s brother, Mark, in Tahoe for some skiing and we found the first thing we had forgotten so far; the snow. Although we schlepped our skis all the way from Durango, it was worth the drive and the visit to hang out in such a beautiful place. Plus Marie's dad surpised us by arriving for the evening! On a less positive note, only Marie gambled and was successful... Tahoe to Napa seemed like a reasonable drive and our Silverado home away from home is where I am writing from today before we head north for a few days of coastal camping.


Thank you to everyone who has made time for us, hosted us and wished us the best this past week. Next stop is San Diego by the weekend!

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